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I am not a writer as I am not able to express my feelings through words but I always love to write something which people could read and find interesting. I am not that much good in English language like I see people on different sites. There have been many instances when my articles got rejected on the sites due to poor quality but I always learned from such instances and always tried to improve and develop writing skills.


The very first site which I joined when started working on the sites was MYLOT which helped me to improve my writing skills and the users over there are so helpful and don’t mind if you don’t write with proper grammar. This is basically a discussion site where one starts a discussion and people discuss on that topic and write their opinions. I was so impressed with that site and got so much addicted to the site that I never thought of joining any other site and used to be lot more active on the site. It was after almost 1 year later I joined another site. This time it was an Indian site where I wrote few articles and left writing further as time was the constraint. Due to a regular offline job I could not do justice with my writing passion.


I always find forums to be bit useful for me where we have lot more scope to develop our writing skills that are the reason I always join forums and write my opinion about the topic. I have seen people do take forum as a platform to develop their skills and that’s alright one should utilize the opportunity.


But now I have found few sites like Veethi and Bubblews where I can write some sort of blogs. I can write whatever I want to share with the people as posting articles on these sites is not that much tough unlike other sites where you need to be lot more descriptive.


I know I have to still learn a lot about writing and I am optimistic that the way I am going I will surely become a professional writer one day.

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