Dreams are thought to be a wonderful experience and that is why when we wish someone goodnight we add up to say “sweet dreams”.  Dreams were thought to be colourless.  But, as far as I remember I had always had colourful dreams.  Of course, the colours are not vivid, but still there was colour.  My dreams were not always sweet.  Most often they were very thrilling.  Once when I was in school, we were taken to Mysore Zoo.  My friends and I imagined ourselves being attacked by animals.  The same year, my dad took my family to Gudalur through Kallatti Road, which has thirty hair pin bends for our summer vacation.  We went by a jeep.  The jeep driver was sharing his experiences of encountering elephants in the past.  Though we did not have any such experience, the trip had a great impact on me.


I started getting dreams in which our family will visit a zoo by a jeep.  I would get down for some reason.  The jeep would leave me behind, and I would have to run to board it.  Usually, some animals chased me at that time.  Usually they were lions or elephants.   It was a horrifying experience.  Basically, I am bold, so I was able to share the dream with my family.  My mother used to say this is commonly experienced nightmare.  I did not get this dream for a long time afterwards.  However, when I had some bad experience in my life, I started getting the dreams again. 


Sometimes, I used to get dreams like sinking into water or oblivion.  In water, there used to be colourful fish.  In spite of being nightmare, these dreams made me laugh at myself, and analyse what may be the cause.  Being brought up in such a way, as to always analyse and understand problems,  I was able to come to consensus  with my own self.  I said to myself, “You are getting these dreams because you are feeling insecure.”  I took a resolution,  that nothing is going to affect me. 


Instead of looking for someone to support me, I thought of being supportive to others. I started to help people in whatever way I could.  I did not go out and find out who was in need of my help.  I helped only those who approached me.  And, to my surprise, I found this in turn strengthened me and also have improved my personality to a great extent.

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