Violence Against Women In India


Sexual crimes against women in India, is continuing. Every day in any part of the country, women suffer sexual harassment. Some cases have come to know the outside world. Many cases are hidden from the society. At the end of last year, a woman in Delhi in terrible times, was killed. A few weeks ago, a woman in Mumbai was gang raped by 5 people. However, Delhi is the capital city that is unsafe, all condemned. But more than in Delhi, sexual offenses are happening in more states. Punishments for the crime would be to tighten for decreasing the crime rates. To the offender, the death penalty should be mandatory. Should not reduce punishment for young offenders. Discrimination should  be avoided for young offenders. All should be treated in the same way. The death penalty for the crime create fear among the people. This greatly reduces crime.

Status of Women

The birth rate of female children in India is 47.8.

  • 57 percent men in India have the wrong notion that is husband beating wife is not wrong.
    53 percent women in India also have the same wrong notion that is husband beating wife is not wrong.
  • 47 percentages of women married in India at the age of 18.
  • 42 per cent of women in the state of Uttar Pradesh, will not be allowed out of the house.

Quick judgments

Some cases were rushed judgments. They are as follows.

  • June 2006: Minor girl raped crime, criminal in Bihar was convicted in 2 days.
  • January 2013: 14 year minor girl raped crime, criminal was punished 7 years of rigorous punishment within 7 days. 
  • January 2013: 17 year minor girl from Punjab raped crime, criminal was punished 10 years of rigorous punishment within 8 days.
  • January 2013: one and half year child raped crime, criminal was punished 14 years of rigorous punishment within 10 days by the Madhya Pradesh Court.
  • April, 2006: German student raped in Rajasthan, the court awarded 7 years in jail for the criminal MBA student within 23 days.
  • October, 2012: Odessa to eight-year-old child killer arrested, sentenced to death 30 days investigating.

The percentage of female police official working in each country is given below.

Singapore 19.1 %
New Zealand 14.6 %
Hong Kong 13.4 %
China 11.3 %
Malaysia 9.7 %
5.3% Sri Lanka
Thailand 5.0 %
Japan 3.7 %
South Korea 2.4 %
India 2.2 %

The percentage rate of the number of women in the family

  • Only one woman only 18.3 per cent of the family
  • Two women, 15.4 per cent of the family
  • Three women and 17 percent of the family
  • Four women and 15.2 percent in the Family
  • Five women, 12.8 percent of the family
  • 6-8 women, 16.2 percent of the family
  • 9 women, 5.2 percent of the family

Dangerous countries that women cannot live

1. Afghanistan
2. ngoKa
3. Pakistan
4. India
5. Somalia

The number of offenses (per 1 lakh people)

Assam: 89.5
Manipur: 87
Bengal: 70.3
Delhi: 69.8
Andhra Pradesh: 66.1
NPF: 4.7
Lakshadweep: 5.1
Puducherry: 8.9
Dadar and Nagar Haveli: 9.3
Daman and Diu: 11.2

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