UPNRM -Umbrella Program For Natural Resources Management

It was 3 years back when the females of Kothareddy palem, Pathareddy palem and Gopavaram of Machilipatnam  were totally depended on agriculture. They used to earn hardly 1 to 2 times in a year in agriculture, so they used to grow vegetables near there houses and sell them for extra income, but income earned by this was also not so fruitful.

A village called Mailavaram which is near to Machilipatnam has the different cultivation. People used to grow Jasmin flowers which was very profitable. They used to sell those flowers to Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc.

It is the area filled with sand, so observing the nature of that land Nabard Scientists decided that machilipatnam place will be very good for cultivation of flowers and they decided to train the females of that area about how to cultivate flowers with good profits.

With the help of another Swachandha Seva Society called “Nestham”, Nabard divided the females of that place into different clubs with 10 to 15 members in each club. The qualifications to enter this club was that farmer should have a small area of land (may be 10 cents). 3 years back Nabard started UPNRM (Umbrella Program for Natural Resources Management). In this program they trained the farmers about how to cultivate flowers effectively and sell them in the market. They also supported them by giving them financial support. They gave special training in Chennai regarding this cultivation.

The cultivation of flowers took around 45 days within this they also trained the females about how to create garlands and other items with flowers. People having lands used to cultivate flowers and give it to people who could not cultivate, and they used to create good garlands and sell them in the market.

Now the females of Machilipatnam are earning Rs 300 per day. This not only gave the female’s of Mahcilipatnam with good financial support, but with also self confidence. Females who don’t have any support of family, or widows or females who don’t have parents are also getting settled.

As per this UPNRM (Umbrella Program For Natural Resources Management) each and every female should always have there individuality and they should not depend on anyone for any financial support.  

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UPNRM -Umbrella Program for Natural Resources Management


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