Through The Memories Of Akkitham About Indian Freedom Struggle


1942 August 10 morning. Venue – Kumaranallur Government High School Laboratory, Kerala. Fourth Form students were engaged in doing lab experiments. With troubled thoughts, Physics teacher Balakrishnan entered the classroom. “Have you read today’s newspaper?” he asked. But no one replied ‘Yes’. “Gandhiji and Nehru have been arrested by British. News is there in today’s newspaper”, he delivered a shocking report.


Within a few minutes, the news was spread in the whole school. Students were in a tense mood as if a worst storm has just hit them. Within moments, a group of students of Sixth Form stood up. Along with top leader of the class, Govindan Kutty, he also stood up and get out of the class. Students were determined to respond to the act of British in this manner and they two were followed by a group of students.


Seeing the students, Head Master reached the place. He was a ‘British admirer’ and he shouted, “If mad dogs are put to chains, why should you people protest?” Not even a single student went backward hearing the irresponsible words of the head master. The students conducted a procession from Neeliyodu to Padinjarangadi. It was their protest to British who arrested the top two leaders of Indian freedom struggle. They raised slogan against British and British rule. In the evening, in the public meeting held at school maidan, both he and Govindan Kutty delivered speeches showing their protests against British. They got good support from public as well. It was the protest against people of Kumaranallur through a group of students following the arrest of great leaders during Quit India Movement.


These words are told none other than great poet of Malayalam - Akkitham Achuthan Namboothiri, popularly known as Akkitham. Later these revolutions in kind enabled this poet to write a lot about India’s freedom and Gandhiji. Remembering this incident, he has written one famous poet, titled, “Suhrithinulla Kathu” (A letter to a friend). Another nice memory of Akkitham is his travel to Kerala Kalamandalam to see Jawaharlal Nehru. Great freedom fighters of Kerala, Idasseri Govindan Nair, Kelappan and Thiruvathra Damodharan were his friends.


He has worked in Akashwani for 19 years. For 18 years he anchored the program, “Gandhi maargam” which reflected his admiration to Gandhi. It was a great shocking moment hearing the death of Gandhiji. He has a few words to give to present kids, “Freedom is very precious. It’s one among the basic needs, whether it’s a person or an individual nation. Thousands have sacrificed their lives to get this freedom. So, it’s the duty of present generation and children not to lose this freedom and Kumaranasan’s poem on freedom is very significant even during this time, where he says freedom is amruth and life and if it’s lost, it’s scarcer than even death”.      

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Kumaranasan's poem really conveys a great message - Swathandryam thanne amritham

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