The Person Whom We Fondly Call Bapu


Once Albert Einstein exclaimed that future generations might find it difficult to imagine that such a personality lived on earth! That’s Gandhi’s principles and simplicity, for which he is known world-wide. Yes, Mahatma Gandhi is an amazing book to learn everyday; ever if we assume that we have completed the task of reading it, certain lines remain hidden.


‘Satyagraha and non-violence, non-co-operation and self-devotion’ – the three weapons that Gandhiji gave to every Indians still stay alive. Without taking weapons, he led the whole nation forward to get the much deserved Indian independence. He was a warrior with great thoughts and a smile as his weapon, enough to conquer the well-powered British Empire. Satyagraha means ‘hold truth tight’. That means, if you feel you are right and on the right path, hold truth as weapon and power and stay firm till you reach success. Non-co-operation means staying away from evil, violence and bad things. Through devotion, he taught people to give life for truth and justice and fight till end with sincerity. So, through these weapons used by Gandhi, it’s crystal clear that he believed in truth and justice a lot and always used silent and peaceful ways to fight against evil. He tried to fight against fire with water, than using fire as weapon. That’s the reason why he conquered millions of people all over the world and people still believe his principles to live a happy life and to fight against injustice.


Through this article, let me give a small description about a few things related to Gandhiji.


Bapu’s favourite teacher


Krishna Shankar Pandya – the Sanskrit master of school was Gandhiji’s favourite. According to him, this master has an excellent talent in teaching Sanskrit.


Strange examination in Pheonix of South Africa


This school belonged to Mahatma Gandhi’s ashram and the marks given to exams were strange. The student who studies best will be given least marks while highest marks will be granted to the kid who poorly performed in the exams. This strange system of mark giving helped students to study better for next exams.


Gandhi peace prize


This prize is given by Indian Government for those persons who serve mankind the best. This award was initiated on 125th birth anniversary of Bapu and prize money is 1 crore Indian rupees. The first person to receive this award was President of Tanzania, Julius Nyerere.      


Different names of Mahatma


Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was known in different names. He is ‘Bapu’ and “Bapuji’ to common man. Gandhiji, Bapuji, Mahatma Gandhi, Mahatmaji – his names are many.

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He is an idol to every Indian

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