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The Dark Knight takes the superhero movie concept and turns it around its head and offers you something fresh and something that had never been done before. Christopher Nolan, the director of this movie is solely responsible for revitalizing the superhero movie genre with his bleak, dark look at one of the most popular superheroes of all time, the Batman.


Here our Batman is a flawed character and he is shown as a human just like the rest of us. But he is a human who is trying to keep the city of Gotham clean from its Mob heritage. But this time his nemesis is a cold, brutal and crazy person. He knows no limits and is very unpredictable. Basically he is not human. And that is Joker. Heath Ledger caught everyone’s attention in his mind blowing performance as a maniac who plays mind games with everyone and terrorizes the entire city of Gotham with his brilliantly executed evil plans. He deservingly won the Oscar for his performance in this but sadly he died before he could see what an impact he had made. Quite clearly his performance is the best thing about the movie.


Christopher Nolan directs it with class with low key camerawork and he lets the characters and the dialogues steal the show. Christian Bale as Batman is very good and plays his part with soul. The supporting cast including Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Aaron Eckhart who essay their roles by infusing them with realism. The movie is more of a psychological high stakes thriller than a superhero movie. There are no extraordinary superpowers so there are no graphics but instead we get to see some awesome, realistic stunts which take our breath away, case in point being the truck-flipping scene at the closing stages of the movie. This movie is a follow up to the previous Batman movie,  Batman Begins which was a gem of a movie in its own way. The whole series which is supposedly a trilogy keeps getting better and better but hands down this is the best one among all three mainly thanks to Heath Ledger’s performance which can literally give you Goosebumps at times.

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