The Boy And His Blind Father


This is all about a talented boy

This is all about a boy who was very talented and did well during his practice sessions of the college football team. His father always came and sat on the sidelines whenever the boy did his practice but never reacted or uttered a word.  

The boy was talented but did never play in first eleven of his college team as he was always considered a 12th man of the team. He approached his coach on the day when the final game of the tournament was about to begin as he was still not in the first eleven. The coach said- you are good enough but not as good as others who got a place in the team. Boy insisted and begged coach to let him play in the final game even if for few minutes. Finally, the coach agreed to allow him twenty minutes to prove himself, despite he was not satisfied to let him play.

The boy took full advantage and scored three goals within first 20 minutes of the game. Seeing the way boy was playing the coach let him play through entire duration of game and the boy scored four more goals. The boy seemed fired up and very excited but when the game ended, he sat in a corner without talking to any one while playing in the ground right where his father used to sit during his practice sessions.

The life and our take about it

Later his coach approached him, congratulated the boy, and offered him his apologies for misjudging his talent, he also asked about the reason of his tremendous overnight improvement. The boy said it was due to his father’s presence who was watching him play today’s game. The coach was surprised to hear him, he said ‘but I do not see your father present in the spectators today, although he was always here during practice sessions. The boy told his coach with tears in his eyes that his father was watching him play from up there as he passed away last night, and also that he was a blind in his life time. “I am sure he could be able to watch me play today’s game from up there,” he added.

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