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You might have heard people quarreling each other. Sometimes, a person may tell, ‘Mind your language’ or ‘Use right words’. Yes, languages and their expressions have a lot to tell you. Even a grammatical error can change the whole meaning of a sentence resulting in misinterpretations. So, grammar is very important while communication. Even a wrong usage of tense can make everything upside down. To use a language without mistake, he should be proficient in its grammar.

There are written principles in every language that tells us about its usage and its known as Vyakaranam (grammar). The person who taught Keralites Malayalam and its grammar is none other than A.R. Raja Raja Varma. He is also known as Kerala Panini as he has written Kerala Panineeyam. Panini was a saint who lived in 4th century BC and he wrote the grammatical book in Sanskrit called Ashtadyayi. In the subject of grammar, only one Malayalam writer can stand in front of saint Panini and he is none other than Raja Raja Varma and that’s the reason why, he is called Kerala Panini.

Raja Raja Varma was born in Kidangur Onanthuruthi Paattiyar Illam as a Brahmin on 1863 February 20 in Changanassery of Kottayam district, Kerala. He was born as the son of Vasudevan Nambudhiri and Bharani Thirunal thampuratti. Thampuratti was the daughter of Kerala Varma Valiya Koi thampuran’s aunt. After completion of primary education, he learnt important Sanskrit books, dramas, grammar scripts and books. He was graduated in chemistry and later completed master’s degree in Sanskrit with first rank.

Later he was appointed as the principal of Sanskrit mahapadasala and till he was appointed as superintend of Maharajas College, Thiruvananthapuram, he strived hard for the development of Sanskrit college. He used to prepare lecture notes for his college studies from which the valuable scripts of Bhasha Bhooshanam, Vritha manjari, Sahitya Sahyam were retrieved.  22 books from Sanskrit and 21 books from Malayalam – a total of 43 books is his contribution to Malayalam literature and Keralites providing the basement of modern Malayalam literature. He was a genius and a scholar and he died on June 18, 1918.

Everyone loves his mother tongue like his mother. But many of such spoken languages have already disappeared from our world due to our neglect. From the year 2000 onwards, UNESCO celebrates Febraury 21st as World Mother Tongue Day and during this special occasion it’s something like a great homage if we remember such great geniuses of our mother tongue who have nourished our language a lot! 

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