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I know people who pet animals love them and take best care of their pets but there are certain points we should know to keep them happier and healthy. The summer is not friendly for your pets specially, for your dogs. Although all dogs find summer suffering with high temperature problem but you should have to take special care if your dog belongs to certain specific categories.

Dogs also may suffer from different infections in summers therefore you should be extra cautious to see that they need more hygienic conditions and care to keep them healthy. Dogs belonging to Doberman, German shepherd also known as Alsatian and Labradors, commonly found in Indian households need extra care need special care in summers.  Let us have a look at how to take care on these breeds, extra sensitive in summers –

Bull Dogs - Although the dog looks dangerous but its heart is relatively weak and nasal cavities too small therefore it takes extra effort to keep Bulldog cool besides having problem of becoming overweight easily. A morning walk early before sunrise helps Bulldog keep cool. No need to give them a bath but a regular dry wash is enough to keep them clean.  

German shepherd - summers bring dangers of removed joints in between pelvis and femur of this breed therefore owners of German shepherd need to be extra cautious of keeping their pets from slippery places. Save your dog from heat strokes and see to it that their body kept clean with dead hair, which changes coat with changing weather. Brush your dog regularly using dog powder to remove dead hair from its body.

Doberman – Doberman is a dog that gets tired easily especially in summers so it is advisable to not to involve him in more physical activities than he can adjust easily. If you are not aware of Doberman’ habits well you shall be surprised to note that this breed of dogs does not prefer to bath daily, not even once or twice a week but once in 20 days maybe is the right choice to give them a wash to keep them clean. A regular dry wash is enough as the dog is at great risk of catching infections.   

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