Some Tips To Preserve Your Wooden Furniture


Wood is of course a precious jewel, so is wooden furniture. If not maintained properly they will get fungal and dust attack easily and will die soon. Through this article let me give some simple tips to take care of your expensive furniture to increase their durability.


Do you often give sunlight and air to your furniture as nourishments? If not, open your doors and windows now itself and allow your wooden furniture to breath a little fresh air and have a sunbath. It will surely increase its durability. Also never use plastic materials or sheets to cover them when you are not there, to protect them from dust attack. Use cotton clothes only.


Protect your furniture from rain and moisture attack. In case you found water in your furniture use thinner or cotton cloth to remove moisture. Also use gentle strokes to clean your furniture. Otherwise it may lose its natural look and polish.


Now let me tell you a few words about bamboo furniture. If it’s painted with quality paint, you can use water to wash it, no problem. If it’s a polished piece you can use a cotton cloth. Most important thing to note – never place your bamboo furniture under direct sun!


Painting or polishing your furniture once in two years will surely increase its durability and oil coating is best for your exterior furniture. Also, try to add steel caps to the legs of your exterior furniture. It will increase durability of those items including chairs, tables and settee.  


Now let me tell how a vacuum cleaner can be used for cleaning purposes. It’s better to use vacuum cleaner to clean upholstery, rogues and carpets. But the most important thing to note – use vacuum cleaner in the same direction of woven threads. Otherwise your carpets and rogues will lose their charm. In case menu instructions are given when you purchase a particular product, it’s better to follow them to keep them new for long years.


Clean your furniture regularly using cotton cloth. You can use warm soap water for cleaning your dining table. Mix a spoon of citronella oil too. It kills the germs making it clean and tidy.


So, through this article I have given a few simple tips that anyone can follow to keep your furniture durable for long years. Hoping it will be helpful.

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