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When does anyone start thinking about renovation - when his house is old, old fashioned, lost its flavour of freshness and dumped with a lot of useful things, yet not enough space to accommodate everything, right? Also, when number of family members increase, master of the home begins to think about adding a few rooms to the existing structure. It also happens when present economic status of the family can’t give enough courage to take a call to build a new home. A few people still exist in the society who never wants to destroy their old home, where they have spent their childhood.


Is it a nice decision always? How much money will it cost? Is it economic than building new home? Is it affordable? Questions are many that need answer. Through this article, let me try to answer a few of common doubts regarding this matter.


How many times have we witnessed the demolishing of old traditional and heritage homes? How many bad renovations have we seen when good homes have been given artificial new face? It’s always a better choice to renovate old homes than constructing a new one as it’s economic as well as retain the flavours and aroma of oldness.


Old homes have large number of rooms, but less spacious ones. It was done so to afford all people of a joint family. Now it’s the era of atomic families with one or two kids. So everyone wants to build homes with big rooms, spacious and less in number. In this case you can destroy the wall in between two rooms of old homes to make it large and spacious. It adds more air circulation and sun light to your rooms too.


But never go for renovation if a lot of damage has happened to the main structure of the home, also its basement. Also keep an eye on the budget and choose experienced architects to construct it again. If possible, draw a plan yourself adding new constrains before seeking an expert’s help. Otherwise you may not even able to find the source of money loss. Renovation is always a profitable ‘maintenance’ process for all those with low budget in hand. Another advantage is that you can renovate your home little by little according to the availability of time and money.


Before throwing each and every old object from home, think for a while, if you can add them in new plan. By this way you can make use of old doors, windows, shelves and bricks in the new process.


Renovation doesn’t mean we are re-structuring the home as a whole. If you feel discomfort or inconvenient with a particular area of your home, isn’t it better to reconstruct those portions only as per new ideas instead of demolishing the building as a whole? Renovation is a form of art and if used wisely adding a little imagination and creativity, you can make use of almost everything of the old home, thus reducing the total expenses considerably.  

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