How To Make A Beautiful And Hygienic Home.


How will you keep your home comfortable?Home may be big or small or it is in village or in town, it should be comfortable and hygienic. So we should maintain it in a way and also we should keep some points in our mind when we build a home.


1. Light: Light is a source of vitamin d and it kills many germs also. So we should keep window and door in such a order that sufficient sunlight can enter into house. Sunlight lightens the room also and it looks beautiful. But too much sunlight may disturb the privacy also.


2. Proper Ventilation: It is an important mater in a home. Fresh air should allow entering the room. So windows and doors should be kept in such a manner that fresh air can enter. Thus dirty air also can go out from the house also. It helps to remain healthy and fit. Those who suffer from any breathing trouble must be kept in such room where fresh air can come easily.


3. Sanitation is also important: Sanitation should be kept clear so that dirty water can flow out easily. We all know that water is the main source of many flies and mosquitoes and they spread many diseases in society. So sanitation system should be proper and clean and if it is well covered then it is more hygienic. We should not spread the darts on floor also, so we should use a dustbin always also and should through it in a day or after fulfill.


4. Water: The other name of water if life. We cannot live without it. In drinking, washing, planting and in many other works it is must. So proper system of supply water is important. Now rain harvesting system is also very popular method to store and reuse the rain water. If the water is stored then the water container should be cleaned in a proper interval.5. Safety: We need safety first in every where either at home or in outside. Doors and windows should be hardy , so that all materials including us should remain safely.

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