Should We Stay Behind Doors


They say women should stay inside their homes especially after six PM, if they want to stay safe and not away from the evil eyes of bad elements. Six PM mentioned by me is only symbolic as it's beginning of darkness in most places but the time has not ascertained by any one but for ones own safety especially for ladies what our country' women are facing today. 

Six PM


Six PM is not a rule as such but only awareness about taking precautions to avoid darkness when most of ad elements are out on roads drunk and at lookout for a prey in most cases. However, not only timing but also other precautions are necessary to stay clear from such incidents and mind you, women are not the only ones who are suffering. We certainly expect government to provide adequate security and improve police and other concerned departments but they also have their limitation as they cannot deploy security on one on one basis, therefore we shall have to see to it that we take some measures to protect our own interests. One police officer to protect every citizen is neither feasible nor practical but we should also need to be ready to face such people with enough preparedness.

Safety should be prime object


We should have such an environment in our country where no woman feels afraid of bad elements but bad elements should feel afraid, religion has nothing to do to tell us about who goes out and who stays in and determine the timing for such outings. Our system would have to work hard in this matter because our women folks have been suffering for too long despite, what we read in books on morality and respect of women in this country. 


It is not good as freedom is our fundamental right, we cannot be denied of it whether men or women, that should not be criteria to treat their way of living in this society.  I think that everyone- men as well as women should take precautions against offences, crimes against children, aged, robberies, rapes, assault etc on level ground cautious.


When we talk of equal rights for men and women those are not necessarily the ways we roam about on roads alone in night or day only but the right to work in different places, right to travel freely or can go unharmed wherever we like without having to face goons wandering Scott free exploiting innocent citizens.

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