Is India A Poor Country?


Some say India is a poor country, some say that India is poor but Indians are rich but I prefer saying that India is neither a poor country nor a rich country but a developing country which will become one of the richest countries and supreme powers in the world in future. It could also be said that India is rich but appears poorest to the richest in the world. The United Nations Development Program has estimated that 37.2% of the people of India live below poverty line. To the western people this figure gives the view of ragged children begging at the car windows. This opinion is truly insulting for a true Indian with patriotic fervor.


Top Ten Richest Countries in the World and their GDP Per Capita according to the CIA World Factbook and Wikipedia


1. Luxembourg - $80,800

2. Qatar - $75,900

3. Norway - $55,600

4. Kuwait - $55,300

5. United Arab Emirates - $55,200

6. Singapore - $48,900

7. United States - $46,000

8. Ireland - $45,600

9. Equatorial Guinea - $44,100

10. Switzerland - $39,800


Top Ten Poorest Countries in the World and their GDP Per Capita according to the CIA World Factbook and the data gathered by the International Monetary Fund


1. Zimbabwe - $0.1

2. Democratic Republic of the Congo - $334

3. Liberia - $379

4. Burundi - $401

5. Somalia - $600

6. Niger - $736

7. Eritrea - $739

8. Sierra Leone - $747

9. Central African Republic - $754

10. Afghanistan - $800


Now where does India stand here? India is the 53rd poorest country in the world. And Pakistan stands 49th, Philippines ranks 55th, China ranks 84th and Russia 130th in their poverty level. The average annual income of people of Delhi is 54,000 INR. But the nation’s average is only half of it.


The Swiss Bank director says that India is not a poor country because 280 lakh crore of Indian money is deposited in Swiss Bank. With this money, India can make taxless budget for 30 years and can offer 60 crore jobs to all the people of India. All the roads of India could be made as four lane roads and power supply could be made free forever. If this money is divided among all people of India, each one could get Rs.2000 per month for 60 years. So, India is not actually a poor country but made to remain poor by the corrupt politicians.


The recent announcement by the government that those who could spend Rs.32 per day would not come under poverty line has triggered many hot debates. In spite of all these things, the undeniable fact is India is the world’s fourth largest economy after US, China and Japan. The economy of Japan is worth $4.30 billion and that of India is $4.06 and there is only a narrow gap between these two. It is expected that India will overtake Japan in 2012 and emerge as the third largest economy in the world. However there is big difference between the per capita income of Japan and India. In Japan it is $34,000 while in India it is $3,600.


Finally, are the people of all the richest nations happy? Here is the list of the top ten happiest countries in the world based on the research done by Ruut Veenhoven who is running the World Database of Happiness at Erasmus University Rotterdam.


1. Denmark - 8.2 points

2. Switzerland - 8.1 points

3. Austria - 8.0 points

4. Iceland - 7.8 points

5. Finland - 7.7 points

6. Australia - 7.7 points

7. Sweden - 7.7 points

8. Canada - 7.6 points

9. Guatemala - 7.6 points

10. Luxembourg - 7.6 points


Only two richest countries Switzerland and Luxembourg could take place in the happiest countries list. United States which has the world’s largest economy could get only 17th place here. France stands 39th and China 44th and Japan 46th. India stands between China and Japan and gets 45th place in its happiness. However, I am sure that just these facts and figures could not determine our happiness. This holds good for poverty level of India also. Now tell me is India a poor country?

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