Practical Solution For Tamil Nadu Power Crisis


The whole Tamil Nadu is crying due to electricity problem. The problem is increasing day by day making it necessary to take immediate action. The effects of this problem are on one side and the search for a solution to this is on the other side. The total GDP of Tamil Nadu will go down drastically if this problem is not overcome soon. The workers working for eight hour shift have to go without work for three hours. It is a great loss for the employers. For the children appearing for government examinations, evening power cuts are indeed a big headache. Isn’t there a solution to this problem? Yes there is solution in the form of starting many power production plants. But this will only give relief in long haul. We need an immediate solution. What shall we do? There is a definite solution if the problem is handled ingeniously by the authorities.


Initially Chennai was exempted from power cuts. People think that the income for electric board from Chennai is more than any other place and so this exemption. This is true to some extent because Chennai does not have much agricultural land and so power need not be given for free agricultural electricity. Also, many multinational organizations and cement factories are exempted from power cut. They receive electricity through dedicated lines. They need 1800 megawatt power and if the problem is shared among all equally, then there will not be a power cut of more than three hours in any place. Indeed the Chennai photos with glowing lights leave people of other places in dismay.


Electricity management is not done properly, another reason why the scarcity has increased. The electricity lines that carry electricity from the place to production to the place of usage are bad in many places leading to the loss of power over transportation. Instead of having five to six hours of power cut, one or two days of electricity holiday would be welcomed. This will help the small businesses to save them from losses.


Electricity board should find out the industries that produce their own electricity and encourage them. When they generate electricity through generators, they could be given exemption in vat taxes and also they could be given oil and diesel with tax exemption. Instead of buying electricity from other states for huge costs, these measures will help to conserve the power. All the generators in Tamil Nadu and their capacity have to be assessed and steps should be taken for using them all.


Kudankulam project can give 900 megawatt power. Instead of overlooking that for political reasons, stringent measures have to be taken to implement the scheme soon or our growth will be at stake. If that scheme is started successfully, most of the power scarcity could be resolved in one year’s time.


The power generation through wind turbines has to be encouraged and the payment to the generators should be given without delay. Also the big industries should be allowed to purchase power from other states directly. Private electric organizations should be allowed and they may purchase power and redistribute them. Equal and uniform power cuts in all places together with these measures will change the cry into smile. There is no point in increasing the electricity charges without solving the problem.

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