Role Of National And Foreign Editors In A Newspaper


The newspaper editing department is like a well-oiled machine which is divided into sub departments each of which performs its own functions. The national and foreign editors are a part of this mechanism.

As the source of news recedes from the home office, the scantier become the means of reporting. Thus the day national and foreign staffs are similar to but far less complex than the day city staff organization. The national and foreign editors are acting a supervisory or directing capacity only. Removed from the scenes of action, they can advise merely or give orders by means of telephone, telegraph or cable.

The larger newspapers have established bureaus or maintain correspondents in many cities of India, notably in New Delhi. The New Delhi correspondent of a large newspaper is a directing news gatherer, virtually a city editor with a staff of reporters under his control. He is to a large extent independent of the home office and is responsible for covering the news fully in his city.

Spread over the country, however, in all important centers and in many minor cities, are scores of correspondent who supply stories of news events in their territories only on request, or only after asking the home office whether the story is desired and how much to send. Scanning the domestic field and ordering stories is, in general, the function of the national editor.

In the same manner of foreign editor controls the gathering of news abroad. Still from the scene of action, his duties are even more generalized than those of the national editor. As in the case of the New Delhi correspondent, the heads of bureaus in capitals abroad acts as city editors in the cities where they are stationed and as national editors for the countries. Under each is a staff, generally small, of reporters familiar with the country-concerned ad with its politics ad language. The foreign editor in the home office exercises general over sight over the whole foreign field. Not the least of his duties is keeping watch on the skeleton zing by correspondents abroad of cable copy, which, when properly done, may save the newspaper many thousands of dollars yearly in cable tolls.

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