People Don't Accept Criticism So Easily!


This is truth that people like being appreciated but when it comes to accept criticism they almost try to run away from the situation or would try to neglect what people say about them.

But why do people do that?

This is human tendency and its normal every one hate to be criticized even me sometimes but most of the time I like people criticism as I know critics only can improve yourself. It’s not possible for one to know what he/she is lacking without listening to the people.

I like people who criticize me of course there should be meaning full criticism I accept them and try to amend myself if they are worth to implement. It’s not that everything which people say against you is always the truth something may not be worth to implement and one has to analyze it from within.

I have seen many people they lose their temper when someone criticize them which is not good at all as I believe those who have the guts to speak and point out what is bad in us are our real friends as they really want us to improve unlike people who just praise or find us OK even though we may not be.

As it is rightly said that listening is better than the speech I always follow it as I know I may get some valuable tips from others which may be helpful for me to improve my personality.

There are people also who don’t leave a chance to criticize people and when they are criticized they get angry and even sometime fight with the person who does it. There are few people of such type in my organization who behave like this and I always wonder how can someone can be so rude. This is strange why then these people dare to criticize others when they can’t accept their criticism. But they forget how can they be able to find out what they lack in themand how would they be able to amend it.

Bottom line is we should accept our criticism too like when someone praises us. We will find million of people who would praise us though we may not deserve it but would find very rare people who would tell our faults as they want us to improve so we should listen them carefully, to change or not is in our hand so what’s harm in listening them.

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