Open Source Development Setting Its Pace


Back in the 80’s and 90’s when the software revolution started in the silicon valley, no one would have thought that software would transform our ways of life in every possible way, be it a simple banking software, to a ticketing software and the simplest of software that even runs your television.  Machine based languages started giving ways to coded software written thru the likes of C++, VB, etc. Those were the time of close source software development, when the biggies of the field like Windows started to see big time in the area of software user friendliness. But then it all come with a hefty price and whooping margins.

Truly inspired to give a different model to software development, some companies started to get into a phase called open source development. As the name conveys, it is a mechanism in which the code to write the software is available in public domain with license to access to developers.  Some of the pioneers of this model are Linux, Google and Apache. Open source development can interpreted in both the aspects of a business model; from a customer point as well as the developer front. It is quite debatable in assessing which of the models is a superior one over the other.

From the point of a source code developer, open source development opens much wider horizon in the creativity or the output that software can yield. Its equivalent to saying that the closed mind set often gives lesser creativity than an open mind-set. The logic is simple that the source code developer can take the licensed code and develop his own version of the available software with enhanced output. By doing this there is a twofold result, one in the time taken to develop software is reduced with multihandling. The other aspect is on the availability of the software at a much reduced price and not one with huge margins.

A classic example recently in this development is what we find in the mobile phone operating systems like Android and Android based applications. While talking about open source development, as mentioned earlier the quality of the software is also an important aspect. Now how it impacts can be interpreted.  A closed source application when it arrives into the market takes its time to penetrate and often comes with lots of issues in terms of bugs, GUI. The time taken for the feedbacks on these to reach the developer is not quick as it happens within open source development. Thus the number of version release and the frequency of updates are not fast. Rather in an open source development, the feedback of these bugs reaches fast in the market space and the greatest advantage is that, multiple people are working on the bugs from a market front.

Thus the updates and releases in open source development are quicker and the improvements can be seen in lesser lead time basis. Open source development is taking fast pace with software developers across the world, especially in India.

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