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Have you ever experienced buying full games and getting tired of playing the same game after a few months? Take Sims, for example. Sims is not for free, and you need to have a license to play this game. Why pay an enormous amount of money when you can play an alternative game online? Supple, a simulation game, is close to how Sims works. It shows how the life in a corporate setup works. The player has full control of what his/her character can do, just like how he/she controls the life and activities of the characters in the Sims game.

Now, there is no need to get tired of purchasing full games when you can play thousands of games for free. That’s right, GAMES FOR FREE! All you need to have is a computer and a stable Internet connection, and you’re happy to go. There are several websites that provide free games for children, and those who are young at heart. Let us go through the most popular online gaming websites.

1. Miniclip 

Miniclip is probably one of the most popular online gaming websites for children. The website’s appearance is particularly pleasing to the eyes of children because of its colorful and cheerful vibe. The games are a group into categories such as arcade, education, sports, multiplayer, and the like. The visitors of the website can also look into the Top 100 games to know which games are popular and played by many people. As of today, the most popular game in the website is 8 Ball Multiplayer. Miniclip does not only have games, for computers they also have games available for download for iPhone and Android.

Here, is the website of Miniclip:

2. Not Doppler

Not Doppler is another popular site for online gaming. It also shows the top games played by users. As of today, the most popular game is Duck Life 3. The website updated every Thursday, which means that all games are up-to-date, and there are games that would be added in the website. The games are also appropriate and can be enjoyed by both children and adults. Unlike Miniclip, Not Doppler does not have games compatible for iPhone and Android.

Here, is the website of Not Doppler:

The two websites listed above are just some of the many online gaming websites. With a little help from search engines such as Yahoo! and Google, you are sure to find the kind of games you are interested in.

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