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The Indian forums are the voices of Indian people where they express their desires, aspirations, grievances and their ideas. If you want to know about the culture and tradition of people of India you should become a member of Indian forums. They serve to develop the patriotism of people of India. The Indian people would not feel at home in any other forums that focus on western culture. So they want a unique place to make their discussions based on their culture, tradition, eating habits, dressing habits and lifestyle.


The history of India, the culture of India, the future of India, the politics of India, the economy of India, the media, press, the technology in India, the sports in India, women problems and other issues like the negative aspects of the nation like terrorism, health issues and corruption are discussed in detail. The members and non-members take part in the discussions. The matters discussed are useful to many others who are searching for their problems. For example if you want to know how to take driving license in India you can either search in Google or search in specific forums. Each one of the users would have given their adventures in taking driving license and this would be of use to the one who search.


You can get details about education, jobs and career development in India in Indian forums. Some of the Indian forums have a separate section for NRI. That serves as the common meeting point of NRIs. In the women’s section one can get information about the fashion accessories, make up, body care, child care, cooking and related topics. The love, romance and dating talks also go on. If you do not know a particular matter you can seek advice of mature people who are experienced in the same. Some forums have Indian women section but there are some specific women forums for Indian women like


There are category specific Indian forums and they focus on a particular niche. One good example is This is a forum about all the broadband networks in India and any problem arising out of them. This will give you the details of any new scheme all in one place. Likewise, you have Indian television forums where the discussions go on about the programs telecasted in various channels and serials of different languages. is an example of it.


Some other classifications of Indian forums are products forums, services forums, entertainment forums, lifestyle forums, professional forums, students’ forums, current news forums, etc. In job and careers forums you get information about business opportunities, infotech jobs, education details, home based business opportunities in India, money earning tips, money saving tips, etc. In the travel Indian forums people would share their travel adventures and this will be very helpful for those who want to plan their travels in a distant location. is an Indian forum which carries the views of many people about the pride of India. You have more than one reason why you should be proud of your nation and this is explained through the voices of thousands of Indians in their own unique way.

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