Nature's Mysteries - A Few Puzzles Yet Unsolved


Very often we may open our mouth wide seeing the mysteries of nature, some are revealed yet a few under the mist of secrets! Through this article, I would like to give a small note on a few such ‘great plays’ of earth – The great one man show!


The most aged and weighted living object on earth – Let me begin with Pando belonging to ‘Quaking aspen’ tree species. The age of roots of this gigantic tree cluster is about 80,000 years and its total weight is 60,00000 kilogram! Thus it holds the unique world record of the oldest and most weighted living being on earth’s surface. From a single root, new plants are born numerous though they appear independent trees. They are formed from root nodules of the parent root, a process that has started 80k years ago. But when we see, they appear as if they are separate plants. It has been 10K years since Pando has blossomed and you can see it in Fish lake National park of America.


Blue morpho – These beautiful butterflies are seen in the forest areas in between South America and Columbia. When sunlight falls on their transparent wings, blue colour is reflected. If you go in an aero plane through the forests of Amazon it appears as if a blue cloud is flying beneath. They always travel as flocks and if you see them from beneath, blue colour is not visible. Blue colour is present only on the outer surface of their wings.


Tribes who have never seen extreme world – Sentinel Island – an island among Andaman group and tribes who live in this island are the most isolated people of the world. They have never seen the outer world or will never allow foreigners to enter their area. They are known as Sentinel tribes and they have been existing in this isolated island for 60,000 years. They are not keeping any relationship with nearby islands also and total population not exceed above 250. They consider all foreigners as enemies and attack using spheres and arrows, if tried to keep any relationship with. They have killed fishermen who have lost their way to reach this island and they didn’t allow even the helicopters to take corpse from the islands. No way to take their photographs except using helicopters and still, it’s an unsolved puzzle, how they overcame tsunami!


Bower birds of Australia and Guinea who build ‘Marriage Mandaps’ – The colourful nests are made by bridegrooms using colour papers, plastics, coins, fruits mirrors and flowers they collect and if ladies get impressed by the nests made by contestants, one year marriage contact will be made! What a ceremony! They exist in 20 different species and hence build bower nests in 20 types.   

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All are extremely amazing - true colours of earth

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