Modi And Nitish Will Cooperate For Welfare Of Country And Bihar

They are natural alliance

The recent meeting in between Nitish Kumar, the chief minister of Bihar with Prime Minister Narendra Modi is important in more than one context. First of all, it was the only meeting that took place in between the two former partners in the government of Bihar before the general elections were announced declaring Modi as prime ministerial candidate which was not taken by Nitish Kumar in right the context. As a result of that decision of NDA, Nitish Kumar and his party headed by Sharad Yadav JDU decided to break away from NDA after staying in alliance for 17 long years in Bihar and elsewhere. 

The new equations

The landslide victory of NDA lead by Bhartiya Janta Party saw formation of new alliance in many states including Bihar which was absolutely astounding but those who know Indian politics did not feel surprised but the durability of such an alliance was always considered a makeshift arrangement. Parties like Congress, RJD lead by Lalu Yadav and JDU have always fought elections against each other and have nothing in common. 

However, to run a state smoothly nobody can deny the need of cordial relations and good communication in between central government and the state governments and in order to get full support of central government the chief minister of Bihar showed his interest by meeting Prime Minister Modi for solving out some of the pending demands cleared. His main concern at the moment are the long pending demand of declaring Bihar a backward state and the loss of almost Rs. 500 billion as per the recommendations of 14th Financial commission. 


As matter of fact, Nitish Kumar also knows that his party’s association with Congress and RJD may or may not prove long lasting but there is no political gain for his party JDU in the long run so he is looking at in the wider political scenario with better future aspects for Bihar having smooth relations with central government that will be good for his party as well as the state of Bihar. That is a wise step taken by Nitish Kumar for the welfare of this country, especially for Bihar. 

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