Messenger Of God- The Controversial Movie


Messenger of God

Actually this is name of a movie produced and acted by famous religious Guru Gurumeet Ram Raheem chief of Dera sachcha Souda a religious group based in Sirsa District, Haryana State of India. This religious group was founded by Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj having a slogan Dhan and Dhyan- ‘O Satguru Tera Hi Asra’ which means "Only God is worth praising". Here the Sat guru stands for the Supreme Being with the words Om, Allah, Waheguru, and Parmatma having all names of God from different religions worshiped in this country. Guru Gurumeet Ram Raheem has all religions in his mind

The Controversy

The Indian censor board has always been a controversial institute with charges of corruption charges on board members and different related bureaucrats. At present the tenure of board members has already been expired but government has given them a three months service extension for the time being. In case of movie Messenger of God the central censor board had rejected it saying the movie did not pass their test of releasing it for public viewing having lot of objectionable scenes.

The movie was passed in FCT

However, the movie was sent to Film Certification Appellate Tribunal and it was cleared within a day. That triggered a serious agitation and the chief of censor board the famous dancer Leela Samsun and eight other members resigned from the board in protest. While on the subject, it has long been said that films are provided censor clearance based on bribes especially when the time is a crucial factor. If a release of film is delayed then the producer loses a lot of money.

The controversial points

There are certain political points that make the movie more controversial.  Actually, Dera Sachcha Souda helped BJP during recently held state elections and some of the credit goes to Guru Gurumeet Ram Raheem for success of BJP in the state. There is another political angle why the movie has become controversial is the fact that INLD a major party in Haryana led by Om Prakash Choutala and traditional Sikh sect along with Akali party of Punjab has been dead against of Guru Gurumeet Ram Raheem. The Punjab government has also banned the release of movie at the time of writing this post although it has not yet been announced officially.

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