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Our RBI Governor has finally come out openly and explained clearly to the nation that let us  "Make for India" which exactly is the need of the hour according to the present world economic situation. Politicians are trying to carry away all 1200 million people by using certain mantras like "make in India" "clean India" "Growth agenda " etc. Our prime minister also hurriedly traveled throughout the world and tried his level best. What he really achieved is yet a mystery for all of us. The RBI governor might have worried realizing that politicians are beating around the bush and doing nothing. He would have thought that the present leadership may not have understood the new trends developing around the world. Also he might have thought that it would be catastrophe for the Indian economy if the heads of the government ignorantly keep on trying the old model without understanding the ground reality. Also if it becomes too late at one stage even damage control or honorable withdrawals may become impossible. In order to avoid such imminent economic collapse the condition has forced the RBI Governor to open his lips.

We Indians always miss to "Hit when the Iron is hot ". We failed to understand the benefits of globalization in the beginning. When the Europeans and the Americans where shouting against globalization we should have understood globalization is bad for them and good for us. It kills their jobs and creates jobs for the poor countries. We failed to understand that phenomenon. Later taking lessons from communist china we confidently started to welcome globalization, but by that time many Asian countries adapted and integrated it as their economic model and consolidated that economic policy and reaped as much as possible and still continuing to pursue it.

The communist parties failed to understand this in a positive note. Since they have become revisionist and counter revolutionaries long back they lost their original dialectical thinking process itself. Thus the revisionist communist of our country also stood as a blockade to Globalization. Some of them condemn it as neo colonial but what will they say today. They always take certain aspects of capitalism and fight. They could not visualize that the real effects of globalization in the perspective of the working class. Globalization has created a large army of organized new working class which our capitalist from India wouldn't have created by themselves. Many people who were living sub-standard life depending on very low agriculture income were liberated and brought to various other organized sectors. Many of their children are now engineers and IT professionals. Without understanding these trends just opposing globalization in other states and welcoming that in the state where they rule they faced lot of problem from the common man and finally lost the support of the working class. But even now they have not changed their thinking process in favor of the working class then whome do they represent?

But thanks to Dr. Manmohan Singh though missed a larger chunk of investments due to lack of consensus among politicians, infrastructure, power, a mechanism to take quick decision, etc. One cannot deny that India too has benefited a lot out of globalization. Using globalization India has increased its economy many folds though there were political infightings, corruptions, instable government, red tapes etc it has benefited the common man a lot. In many sectors we have shown impressive growth especially IT, Automobile, Jewelry & gems, Aviation, Telecommunication, Media, Garments, Electronics, Education, etc, etc,. Here in this case whom do the people of India thank for creating jobs for the middle class and the poor working class? Dr. Manmohan Singh? or the so called comrades?

But now the globalization effect is slowing down and soon it may cool down. The salary has increased in India and we are losing the competitive edge. Many other countries in Asia may be getting foreign investments for some more time, because of the lesser salary they accept for their labor than the Indians. This is also not permanent for them too. Very soon their salary will also go up and they too will face investment problems. This is science. They may go in the growth path only for a while due to this advantage.This is because the danger of stagnation is inevitable and this problem has already started emerging.. We can understand this from the falling prices of all sorts of commodities worldwide continuously for the past few months.

Other new trends like Russia and USA are at lock horns, division between Shia & Sunni Muslims, contradiction between labors, national bourgeois, and international bourgeois in Latin  countries are brewing up to dangerous levels are to be seen.  To bring down Russia to its kneels USA and Saudi Arabia are pumping out more oil. They are polarizing the world oil and other market. Contradictions developing between countries in order to secure market for their products have also been smelt. This has made analysts to doubt  whether a situation like the "great depression is emerging" again on earth. Thus the world socio, economic and political situations are changing. We Indians should understand it now! Otherwise we will be carried away by the politicians who play unscientific political games to retain their political power. This will bring more and more hardships and no relief. To come out of it later we may have to pay a huge price then.

Our RBI governor is smart. He is keenly watching all these changes happening around the world. He wanted to make them think in this direction. Whether the politician like it or not it is the Governor's duty to alarm the politicians, economist, administrators, and the people about the reality. He has done it in the right time when the politicians are trying to discover when the historical research periods on Plastic surgery and life science actually started in India? If we fail to understand the reality neither Ram nor Yudhisthira will come to your rescue rather only Fascism which is knocking at the doors of India gate will storm in and destroy all of us.

Now once again we could see the iron is getting heated on a different furnace. This time at least let us " Hit, when it is hot ". I means as per our RBI governor's voice it is the right time to seriously think and find other ways to bring growth rather than depending on other's investment. He said "If external demand growth is likely to be muted, we have to produce for the internal market". Let us take it very seriously and find all means and ways to build our country with the available resources internally. The readers of this article might have noticed that long back china has started telling openly that we are no more going to depend on foreign investment totally, rather we are going to find new ways to boost out economy depending on the resources within China. The socialist china instead of antagonizing the capitalist world they interrupt and adapt capitalist policies when ever and where ever required according to the world situation and also teaches others and leads others to inform how to live in this capitalist world order.

Even though we are well aware of the activities of our nearby neighbor our politicians are able to sing the same old rhetoric and win elections using the ignorance of the people. But they should understand that people will not be permanently ignorant. Conditions will teach them even the toughest lessons in a matter of few incidents. So now let the politicians wisely think how to increase the purchasing power of the people? Think how to add more industries and factories to the public sector with the money got from selling the assets of the public sector companies? How to develop food processing industry in our country? How to develop agriculture? How to use the vast untapped  human resources in developing India? Think how military can be used for the developmental works like infrastructure and in construction of Dams and rivers? Think how to lay double track for all rail routes in our country. Think how to connect all the rivers by using the work force of students, youth, women, and also using the non productive idle security forces?

Ask the IIT-ians and the IIM-ians. Conduct frequent seminars and symposiums with the young talented Indians. Respect them they will tell you thousands of ways. It is not the greedy, power hungry, sectarian politicians who can guide this country to the growth path, rather the brilliant IIT-ians, the IIM-ians, NIT-ians and other brilliant young people who are capable of guiding this country to the growth path. Ask them projects and they will give. Give them projects and they will do.

Better stop thinking how to exploit our people, our working class ruthlessly by emptying out all their hard earned rights one by one. Don't be thirsty to abolish inspectors inspecting factories and other work places to safeguard the workers and their rights. Here our RBI governor is also against the working class trying to empty all their rights. Don't conspire and sell our working class as slaves to the blood sucking capitalist. Don't dig grave for our own working class by taking away their rights like right to form unions and fight for their rights. Cunningly don't plan to increase the no of people require to form a union or don't increase the number of people who can be send out of jobs without government consent. All these are equivalent to sending them to gas chambers. If workers are not there to buy your products then who will buy your production? Will your machines buy it and eat? will robots wear your garments and go to watch movies and taste ice-creams? I don't know.

If the politicians help the capitalist by taking away all the rights of the working class that means killing the purchasing power of the common man which in turn leads to severe economical crisis. Doing so don't dig grave for yourselves dear politicians and the capitalists. You pay them well and make them to work they will work. You teach them and explain them the economical situations they will work for the development of the country. You develop systems so that they cannot cheat you from working. You motivate them they will sacrifice their life for our country's growth. What else you want? Every political party is having their own trade union and all of them collect money and votes from them to run their parties and also to win elections but all the same parties conspire against their trade union members in the name of "Labor Reforms" Why? Is it not like planning to kill you kith and kins?

Don't think only about the ways to exploit and make more and more profits. Organize the working class they will rally behind you to build our nation.During the peak days of globalization you did not need labor reforms because if you antagonize them then production will be affected. Now the economy is facing hard times so you want to bring labor reforms very urgently to take back all their hard earned labor rights and want to make them naked for naked exploitation.

Dear politicians! The students are watching! The youth are watching! The Workers are watching! In short the whole country is watching! The whole world is watching all your moves in India. Stop dividing the people using caste, creed, religion, etc, etc... Let us all work together for the inclusive growth of all human being in India. Otherwise it won't be a cake walk for the exploiters and their stooges.

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This article is the continuation of the article "Can Indian economy be revived? written after analysing the post indian election scenerio and the events happening around us.

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