Love In Teenagers


Now it’s a trend to have a lot of boyfriends for a girl and lot of girlfriends for a boy. They consider love as some kind of a game. They hook up when they need and break up as soon as they feel bored.

But earlier it was not like that. Earlier arranged marriages were common. Couples started their love only after getting married and they had a good meaning of love. But now the condition is not like that. People start their love and relationship from their teenage onwards. A boy studying in 4th grade would also be telling that he has 4 or more girlfriends if we ask them out. Love after marriage is more lasting as it is not so easy to break up from that relationship. But love before marriage is so simple that we can break up when we feels to do so. We can’t do anything if our loved one’s go away from us. Earlier films had stories about true and everlasting love. But now all of them show stories about the same trend of hook ups and break ups.

Love in teenagers is not always true. Love is not all about a hug or kiss. It’s that feeling of the mind that makes us think that our lover is the world to us. Love becomes true only when we have that kind of feeling in our mind. Most are unwanted feelings that will be carried away by time. They are called infatuation. It’s just a feeling that comes to our mind to the opposite gender when we grow up. It won’t last too long. It can also last for just a few minutes. Everyone in some part of their life, especially during teenage… will experience these kind of feelings. But what we need to do is that we should not care these feelings. If we give attention to these feelings and turn them to love, it won’t last long. The result will only be our waste of precious time. It would only take our time but no one else’s. Giving importance to these feelings would affect our studies. We should concentrate in our studies during this age. After studying and getting a good position in life we can make relationships. Then we will be having a better meaning about love.

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