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Bhagat singh, Jhansi Rani and Thantya Thoppi – these three heroes are among those who sacrificed their lives for Indian independence. Each Independence Day celebration is an occasion to remember those great heroes who fought for Indian independence. Through this article, let us remember Mangal Pandey, Madanlal Dhingra and Chapekar brothers.


Mangal Pandey – In 1857 January, a military camp at Barrackpuri. Some rumours spread in the military camps of Indian sipoys. A secret message reached the camp – Britsih make cartridges of animal fat for Indian soldiers. It was against the religious beliefs of Indian Hindus. Hearing this, Mangal pandey went out of the camp with bullet gun. He shot dead the military chief who was a British. It was the first protest of Indians against British for independence. British hanged him to death. Soon after the death of Magal Pandey, India’s first revolt against British began on 1857 May 10 at Meerat. This marked the beginning of struggle for Independence.


Chapekar brothers – Rand was the British magistrate of sathara. Many reforms done by W.C. Rand gave rise to protests among Indians. Brothers – Damodhar Chapekar and Balakrishna Chapekar decided to fight against the magistrate and his principles. On 1897 June 22, Chapekar brothers killed Rand and his brother Lt. Ayerst. Very soon, brothers were caught and hanged to death. In front of nagging rope, Damodar’s last words were, “I will take rebirth. If your race still rules our country, I will take weapon again to kill you people”.


Madanlal Dhingra – William Wylley was the right hand of Lord Curzon who did Bengal partition. Actions done by William Wylley brought a lot of protests among local people. Madanlal Dhingra was the son of Doctor Dutt, dearest friend of William Wylley. When Wylley completed his work and returned back to London, Dr.Dutt sent his son for further studies to London. But aim of Madanlal Dhingra was something else. In a meeting at Imperial Institute, Londey, Wylley was shot dead by Madanlal. He was hanged till heath. These were his last words, “It’s a humble revenge of an Indian who witnessed his own brothers’ and leaders’ death and for doing this deed, I never discussed it with anyone except my heart and soul”.


It’s not at all easy to remember each and every patriot who sacrificed his life for India’s freedom. Yet, it’s my humble request to remember at least a few among those great immortal patriots who still live in our heart.   


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