Kerala Since Its Origin - What Are The Major Changes?


Kerala state came into existence on November 1, 1956. The state was divided on the basis of the language spoken – Malayalam and when it was formed it was one of the smallest Indian states, yet known for its greenery and beauty. Education plays a major role in the development of a nation and cultural renaissance. In 1991, Kerala became the first 100% literate state of India, indeed a proud moment for every Keralite. It is one of the major developments that occurred in Kerala since Indian independence. What major changes have happened in Kerala since then? Let us have a look.


When Kerala originated, its population was only 1.5 crore. Yet the major problems of 1950s and 1960s were poverty and unemployment. Though there was unlimited land resources in those days, only a few cultivated. Its big result was poverty and of course, unemployment. Rice and coconut were the major cultivations, apart from daal, maize, spices and sesame. Though rice cultivation increased many fold in the next 20 years after 1956, now it has been reduced significantly. In 1975, 8.85 lakh hectres were used for paddy cultivation. As per 2011 reports, only 2.13 lakh hectares are remaining. The migration of Keralities to gulf countries in the late 1970s and early 1980s was the major reason behind the decline of cultivation in Kerala.


Earlier coir and handicrafts, spices and cashew nuts had a golden age. But these industries have almost extinct, except spices. Now Gulf money owns the lion share of inflow of money in Kerala economy. Otherwise in a state like Kerala where agriculture and big business sectors are almost absent, how can people survive?  


Even 10% of the rice needed for Keralites is not cultivated here! Everything is imported from neighbouring states including grains and vegetables. High wages for workers is another major reason for the decline of cultivation in Kerala. When total forest area has constrained very much and new concrete buildings rise as mushrooms, it has invited many problems like soil erosion, less rainfall, raise of temperature etc. Greenery, paddy fields and water resources has almost vanished and Kerala is slowly changing to a desert!!!

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We need to go back to those old green days of green revolution

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