Is Delhi A Rape City?


This is really serious what is happening in Delhi in the recent times. It may not be a surprise when Delhi the historical place and the capital of India would be called as a rape city if such incidents are not be controlled by the government.

16th Dec was the day when we all witnessed an inhuman deed in which 6 people raped a paramedical student and almost killed her and her male friend and literally throw them on the road side naked thinking that they are dead or would die. But this was luck for these two that they survived and the boy being injured severely managed to contact police which ultimately took them to hospital. But this was sad news for all of us that battling hard for life this girl ultimately succumbed and died after few days. This was one of the heinous crimes in which rapists used iron rod and inserted it in her private part to kill her. Of course these all were arrested by Delhi Police are in jail at present. Main culprit Ram Singh who died few months ago is said to have committed suicide in the jail.

This was the case which we all got shivered by imagining what pain that girl tolerated in that incident. And now after 3 months again such incident took place in Delhi this time it is with the 5 year old girl who doesn’t even know how to speak properly. She was kidnapped and was raped whole night and locked in the room for whole day. This time the rapist used candles and 200 ml plastic bottle to insert for their pleasure. What a shame for them?. Are they human being? How can someone do that with a little kid? One of them was married I don’t know how he did it?. I think they are worse than animals.

It’s really tough for girl these days to go out from the homes in odd hours these days as Delhi is no safer for the girls and kids who know from where these animals come out and may harm us. So it is better to have our safety and don’t leave it to the police as it’s not possible for police too to control such incidents.

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