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Known first as motion pictures cinema plays a huge role in our life these days. People who say they don’t watch movies are also hugely influenced by cinema. They have a great influence on people irrespective of their age, gender, nationality, caste or creed. They provide entertainment, relaxation, thrill and also ideas to people of all generations. They are also a good source of information. But it can also influence people negatively. 


Children are usually fascinated by the fight scenes and the stunt scenes. Their eyes grab these scenes of violence and stick them to their heads. There have been reports that many children have a violent streak in them these days and one of the reasons is their blatant exposure to violence on screen. But this is a wholly subjective opinion since it doesn’t really blame movies because most movies which are violent tend to clearly mention the fact that they are violent and that children should be kept away from them but if the parents don’t take care of this then it is their fault. Children these days also try to copy some of the stunts since they don’t know that these stunts are performed by experts under extreme care and supervision. They sometimes face fatal consequences by imitating these stunts.


Cinemas also expose certain negative aspects of our society like the Indian political movies which expose the dark underbelly of Indian politics. The film industry also deals with a large amount of money, some of which is illegal or ‘black’ money. But that is only a part of the story.


A good cinema can promote a sense of unity and integrity among people for example Rang De Basanti which promoted the sense of patriotism among people. Cinemas also highlight some wonderful and beautiful places, cultures and traditions in the world which people normally wouldn’t be aware of. One of the most important aspect of cinema is the fact that it gives birth to a lot of talented actors, director, singers, etc who would be nowhere without the medium of cinema. Films also add spice and zest to our lives without which our routine life would be boring.

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