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The glass paintings in India originated in eighteenth century and Gujarat is very famous for this art. The Gujratis learned this painting art from the Chinese artists who settled down there. The stunning clarity and usage of rich colors has made this popular among people. Many people love to collect this glass painting and these have a prominent place in art exhibitions.


The glass paintings are usually done on the inner surface of the selected glass. You may draw it on the window panes, glass partitions or on the piece of glass and frame it and hang it for decorative purposes. The glass paintings by the Indian artists are sold online and they reflect the Indian culture with a blend of excellent colors and sparkling light. You can do it on ordinary glass, stained glass or milky glass and there are different techniques adopted for different types of glasses. You have oil based paints, silver stain paints, matt paints and vinegar trace paints available.


If you want to start glass paintings on a piece of glass you need thinner or other glass cleaning solution. You can also use nail polish remover instead of them. Then you should have right surface for painting which may be glass or mirror or smooth plastic surfaces. You can also paint on the curved surfaces as you have in the bottles. You need outliner which could be made at home also. Buy a set of glass colors. Fevicryl glass colors are popular among the artists. Few cotton buds and cotton roll is needed to correct the mistakes. You also need the pattern to copy.


After cleaning the glass with dry cotton clean it with thinner or nail polish remover. Keep the pattern under the glass surface and trace it using the outliner. You have to allow it to dry for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Then you may start painting with the paints you have and if any mistake happens you could correct it with the cotton buds. After it is dry your painting will be ready.


Avoid using textured glass for glass painting. Especially the beginners will find it tough to paint on textured glass. If you are not good at freestyle drawing then trace the design before you start to use the paints. Instead of buying the various things needed for painting you may buy the glass painting kits because they will include everything required within it. Do not shake the bottles before you start painting because this may cause air bubbles and affect the quality of your painting. Do not move the glass when you are working on it. If the pattern moves then the drawing will not be neat. So stick it to the glass with the tape.


Start painting with simple designs before moving on to the elaborate ones. If you want to paint on curved surface use the polyutherine as medium because it facilitates fast drying. You can get tinted effect by using fabric glue and get the crystals effect by using the crystals available in the art shops and sticking them with the help of the fabric glue. The glass paintings of the Indian gods and goddesses are the much desired types in India.

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