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Indian art is an influence of Indian culture and there are many veteran artists in India who make their contributions to the visual art of the nation. It is a reflection of the ancient heritage and the blend of Mughal art, British influence and modern art styles. Buddhist art was very famous in bygone days. The old art and sculptures are inspired by the feeling of spiritualism and there existed a mystical relationship among God and Goddesses and human beings. The Indian art though originated in India is very popular all over the world. It reflects the moods and the thoughts of the artist.


The reason why Indian art flourished during ancient times was that the talented artists were patronized by the rulers of ancient India. They were treated with high esteem and were respected as the harbinger of God. Even today rich people and popular celebrities patronize Indian art and promote them. To promote the art many exhibitions are conducted by the artists in India and abroad. Many artists join together and conduct group exhibitions and some of them also collect their works of years and conduct solo exhibitions. The rich people buy these arts in exhibition for a good prize and encourage the artists.


The Indian art is considered to be a reflection of tastes in high class society. So the arts that are modern yet unique are welcomed very much. Mainly the inspiration of these arts is derived from the religious scriptures. In olden periods natural dye is used for painting. In recent times water colors, poster colors, vegetable dyes and even charcoal is used for painting them. Pencil art in white background with black strokes is drawn by talented artists. It is really amazing to see a number of emotions in the faces in an art that is drawn just with two shades black and white.


Though the Indian art is painted on canvas with oil paintings normally they are also painted on stones and marbles. Stone arts have a long lifetime and are preferred very much. The cave paintings were very famous hundreds of years ago. The Ajanta and Ellora caves are bearing testimony to the ancient arts. Many Hindu deities are carved out of stone in the caves representing the mystical outlook of the people and showcasing their spiritual connection.


Mughal Art was yet another type that flourished during the Mughal period. Marble had an important place in that period in which red stone sculptures are also very famous. The Rajputana Art dates back to sixteenth century. People had a liking for nature and they drew natural sceneries, trees animals and people in their natural surroundings during that time. The human beings and its relationship with the God is the inspiration of many arts produced by Vaishnava group.


The modern Indian art does not have a particular theme and they are based on new themes according to the creativity of the painter though the culture and tradition of the homeland inspires the artists. These arts bear torch towards the economy of India, politics of India, Indian villages and the rustic life and the Indian landscapes and nature giving a new meaning to the Indian art.

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