Glass And Metals To Decorate Your Walls


Through wall cladding, different materials have been designated with new functions and shapes. When someone loves to see walls of his home decorated with precious stones, glass or tiles, it gives a new name to this type of design – wall cladding. Through this column let me tell you how we can make use of metals and glass to decorate our walls.


Metal cladding is most expensive


Among all types of finishing materials used for walls, metals are most expensive. Why not, if you like you can use even gold and silver for your walls! It’s a trend to use metals like brass or steel to clad your walls or highlight a border or design. It can be used to highlight a decorative piece or painting as well. Stainless steel, brass and copper are most commonly used metals for metal cladding. As done with natural stones, they can be stick on to a fiber mesh and later fixed on walls.


They can be mould into any shapes or figures. Murals can also be done. It’s also possible to mix two or three metals or combine metals and glass in an artistic way to attempt new variations. Metal cladding can be done in 10-50 mm thickness and its price starts from 750 rupees per square feet. They can be fixed anywhere on wash area, bar counter, foyer or head board of bed to border or highlight them. They can be fixed on curved surfaces as well.


Glass cladding is beautiful


Glass plays a significant role in decorating your interior. By sticking colour glass pieces in patterns on walls and other places, you can create ‘glass magic’. It’s also possible to do murals, stained glass effect and glass etching. You can mix them with metals as well. They can be fixed in 10-50 mm thickness and price starts from 750 rupees per square feet.


They are fixed using fiber machines and can be fixed in kitchen counter top, wash area, bathrooms, foyer, walls of swimming pool etc. It’s most commonly used for highlighting and drawing borders. If you have creativity you can do amazing works with glass pieces and colours. If glass cladding is highlighted effectively it’s a treat to viewer’s eyes. They can be fixed on curved surfaces and different colours and patterns are available.

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