Give A Touch To Them.


Give a touch to them, who can not see like us, who can not feel like us and who can not act like us. I am giving an example of an institute, who are trying to do a noble work for such persons.


Seldom is attention paid to the aesthetic needs of any physically challenged persons and the need to come close to nature. National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI), which is situated in lucknow, has created a garden especially for the visually handicraft people.


This is a Nobel idea and may facilitate the enjoyment of floral beauty by the visually challenged and physically disabled people. It is really a Nobel job, continiously doing by them. The garden has total coverage area of 0.1 hectare. The footpaths are specially made with chequered tiles at zero level elevation line in order to minimize the chances of visitors slipping, especially in rainy season. They can feel whether the plant is an herb or a shrub or a tree. Similarly they can feel the texture of the stems, leaves etc. Some plants have coarse and leaves, which can be appreciated after touching them and also give some response, so that only they can feel.


Fragrance plays a vital role in the identification of plants and the visually challenged persons can learn about the plants too. The learning process has been facilitated by use of signs.


This unique garden is the first for India and it is sixth in the world. Further advancement of the facilities provided at present are also planned. Soon ultramodern sound or audio facilities are expected to be made available so that recorded literature about all the features and peculiarities of a particular plant can be heard just by operating a button or switch. So this garden is not only a source of joy but also a help to enhance visually challenged peoples awareness about the surroundings.


We should also come forward to help such people by doing something in our daily life. If we do not do something individually, then we should help such organization, so that they can get success in their aim.

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I am a soft hearted person and want to do something always.

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