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In view of the benefit of the farmers, FDI critics argue that inculcation of external multi-branding retail trade will go appallingly wrong. While there are others who feel that implementation of the only ‘good’ part of FDI will promulgate the needy benefits of the farmers, there is also the situation created where the end receivers end up consuming the mass-produced and cheap products who are a part of the receivers who have the luxury of choice.

There is also the need to realise that small time retailers and local retailers of the country will suffer heavy loss. It is a known scenario that wherever Wal-mart is being established the local retailers and the other players in the market are overpowered or nearly expelled out of their business. The only other sight one can probably see is the driven down wages of the workers. Wal-mart seeks to open its retail chain throughout India which is another matter of concern.

As Mr. Anand Sharma, Commerce, Industry and Textiles Minister said each state has the liberty to agree or not agree for the implementation of FDI and that the Union Government will not be impeding the decisions thus taken. The Government in support says that the decision has been taken after consulting all stakeholders and looking at ground realities in a transparent manner.

Completely applying an American model of FDI is uncalled for. Taking the ‘good’ part of FDI may call for a win-win situation in the country. However the fact remains, with Wal-mart’s visibly defined anti-union policies aimed at averting the working class from gaining any substantial shared bargaining power that might cumulate in increased wages, job security and other covered benefits and bonuses, India’s economy is going to suffer and the labour class is going to be exploited more than be benefitted and be vanquished to the unfair work atmosphere under this behemoth fiend.

Nobody can be sure of the consequences thus spurring out if FDI is totally implemented in India. For a large democratic country like India, there cannot be instant fixes or alleviation. Before taking any decision the controlling system has to weigh and measure the strengths and boost economy and employment.  The situation is still in the hang. To quote John Kerry, we may as well give it a thought, “For it, before we turn against it?”

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