Drinking Water - A Few Worrying Thoughts


On March 22, we celebrated World water day. This day was solely meant for creating awareness among people that water content of earth is deteriorating day by day. If present consumption goes on, by 2025, many water bodies will dry up and about 3.5 million people may face the consequences of scarcity of drinking water. Things are really worrying and now itself, cutting of trees, construction of buildings, industrialization and population explosion have given rise to water threat all over the world.


Population increased, but water sources decreased


People and population increase every moment. But in accordance to it natural resources including land and water will never expand. Only thing we can do is to check population growth and use natural resources wisely. According to 1989 reports, almost 9000 metre dimension water was available to everyone on earth. But according to latest reports, in 2025, this available water will surely see a steep cut resulting in 5100 metre dimension water. Nearly half of the pure water on earth surface has already been used up.


Two ‘H’ and one ‘O’ - For energy and food


Through chemical reaction tow hydrogen molecules combine with one molecule oxygen to get water. Minerals and other essentials of human body are dissolved in water and hence water constitutes 90% of total content. For metabolic activities and other building and development processes of human body water is the most essential factor. It cleans our cells and tissues too. For photosynthesis, enzyme productions and respiration process also, water helps every living thing on earth’s surface. Water is needed for our body to absorb enough nutrients and release energy too.


Water is also used for producing energy like electric power and it is also used as the cheapest method of transportation. For cultivation purposes and marine food including fishes and shells we depend on water bodies and seas a lot.


Kerala’s present condition


Normally Kerala receives 3000 millimetre rain every year and this ‘green planet’ is famous for 44 rivers and greenery all around. But this year, Kerala has witnessed one of the difficult times in the recent years and every one fear, if nature doesn’t please in the form of rain drops, this state may face one of the biggest droughts ever. So, rain harvesting program should be taken initiative so that water can be used wisely.  

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