Do Women Get Kidney Stones?


Kidney stones can develop in any individual. Even women can develop kidney stones. The only consolation is that they have a lower incidence of developing kidney stones than men. Kidney stones which develop in the urinary tract are a worrying problem.  Developing around the kidneys is the most common location for the kidney stones. It eventually results in a hindrance that prevents the waste and fluid build up by the kidneys to drain out well.


Woman of any age can develop this situation.   The only difference is that some women may face the agonizing problem more than others do. Though women can develop the condition of kidney stone formation, traditionally, women who are younger in age face a lower risk of developing the same.  However, in spite of the past data, more girls and young women are confronting this condition than the earlier generations.


More young girls and women are consuming highly processed food. So the pace of developing kidney stones is also increasing. Estrogen helps to slow down this condition.  Fifty years old women and woman who have already crossed fifty are very likely to develop kidney stones than women who are young.  The risk of developing kidney stones is increased when women attain menopause and begin seeing hormonal changes in the body.


Women who have to remove their ovaries are at an increased risk. Once a woman develops a kidney stone, then that woman has a high risk of developing them yet again in future. Habits relating to diet also play a part in the developing kidney stones.  For instance, diets such as eggs and meat that are high in animal proteins boost the chances of formation of kidney stone.


Another dietary risk factor is too much consumption of salt.  Therefore it is essential to stay away from foods that are highly processed.  Foods which are high in oxalate are also harmful. Foods high in oxalate are wheat germ, spinach and nuts.  Drinking large amonts of liquid can help to wash out the system.  Women facing low water intake or lack of fluids due to climate may also develop kidney stones. 


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