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As parents and teachers, it is our duty to develop the habit of reading in young children. Reading good books on varied subjects is very much essential to stimulate the children’s creativity, imagination, intelligence, language and concentration. Besides developing the habit of reading, we must also provide toys to the young and growing children. The books enrich us all and allow us to engage in stories, and give us information. 


Obviously, there can be no doubt that children can have fun with books and also learn values in life. However, never end up talking about the benefits we provide to them through the books. We must recognize the fact that reading books is very much essential, and that the child will take to the habit of reading that is so wonderful and that’s the adventure of learning, of knowledge and discovery. 


With patience and dedication as parents, we must inculcate the habit of reading in our children from their childhood. We must teach our children to look up for information in books from a very early age. So from birth, it is crucial to make them read a story, history, poems, etc ... It would be nice to get a specific time each day to do so, as it becomes a habit. 


For example, such specific time can be set at bedtime, or just after a meal. It is not a must that the child must be knowledgeable to have contact with books. There are books for all ages and on all subjects. For children we have to get books with pictures and vocabularies, ie besides the image, descriptions are also under the same name, so children can see the letters and words. 


And for children who can already read, there are books with text and images.   For children who can already read let them read what interests them, according to their age.  As parents we have to appreciate the children at the time of reading. We have to provide them with all kinds of books and it is necessary, that when the child does not understand something, to answer all their questions. 


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