On Making Toys For You Child

You are walking through the racks of toys so cleverly displayed in a high end mall, with your little boy jumping up and down, pointing, “I want that, THAT! And THAT!”

As you ponder over how to choose a good toy for your child, try and take a look back to your childhood days when you made your own toys. A few interconnected empty matchboxes made a rain. With an empty toothpaste carton and four bottle caps, you had a bus. the fact none of the high tech toys that flood the market can equal those simple self made toys, because they were the result of a young child’s active imagination.

The minds of children are storehouses of imagination and spontaneous action, and a good toy is one that enhances these skills in a creative way. Just imagine the ideas that pass through their mind as they take a piece of paper, fold it in strange ways and name it ‘a frog’ or a ‘cat’. A circle drawn with a pencil can be a sun at one time, or the Earth or even a ball, at another!

A good toy should stimulate the child and help mental development, while it entertains. Toys help in the intellectual and artistic advancement of a child’s personality.however, most most of the fancy toys we buy from the shops fail in this respect, because they do not stimulate imagination. For instance, a remote-controlled electronic toy car can only remain an imitation car, however expensive it is. But think of a toy fashioned out of a toothpaste box. It just can become anything – from a cat to an aero plane – depending on where it is carried by Childs fancy

There is also the fact that self-made toys also build self-confidence, as they are practical expressions of original ideas. When a child is totally immersed in making a toy, his mind and body are completely synchronized. The lessons gained from such practical experiences will surely help the child later in life. This will surely help the child later in life. This is, of course, not to say that parents should totally avoid buying toys.However, they should encourage children to make their own toys whenever possible.

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