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The dramatic change in the politics of Uttar Pradesh has made everyone to shift their attention towards Akhilesh Yadav. Akhilesh Yadav will be the youngest chief minister of UP after Mayawati. When Mayawati became the chief minister, she was 41 and Akhilesh is only 39 to grab that seat. It was something unexpected that he will be placed in that position and the announcement made everyone open their eyes wide in astonishment. The two youngsters, Akhilesh Yadav and Rahul Gandhi campaigned in Uttar Pradesh. The results of these two forces were expected with curiosity and after the election results it is quite natural that everyone wants to know how Akhilesh could grab the victory which Rahul Gandhi could not achieve.


The reason why these two persons gained welcome is Akhilesh is the heir apparent to the throne of Samajwadi Party while Rahul who is 41 years old stands out to be the crown prince of the Congress party. They have many similarities. Both of them are MPs and both of them have their constituency from Uttar Pradesh. Rahul Gandhi has been the elected from Amethi constituency as the MP twice in 2004 and 2009 while Akhilesh was elected in the by-elections of Kannauj in 2000 and holding the seat since then.


These two successors to their political dynasties have been scripting their campaigns in UP with much efforts. But both of them did not express their wish for power. Akhilesh Yadav once said that the party would decide later who would become the chief minister. Rahul Gandhi declared that he was not obsessed with power. Akhilesh added in his NDTV interview that victory will mean more to Samajwadi Party than to him as he was not alone.


The success in the biggest state UP would certainly reflect in the Lok Sabha elections. That made these two people more ambitious. But the concentration of Akhilesh is more on UP than on the nationwide politics. This is not so for Rahul who have to make a national appeal. Akhilesh is more direct than Rahul. While Rahul went to the tribal houses and had lunch with them thus attracting them, Akhilesh traveled a long distance in bicycle which is the symbol of his party. The earthy and direct approach was much applauded by the political critics.


Akhilesh could form a team of able candidates and he was supported by them in all his endeavors. He led them with an iron hand and took them to victory. But the case is different in Congress party which is filled with infightings. The organization of the party is weaker and Rahul himself had admitted that the candidate selection is one of the reasons for the defeat of the Congress party.


Rahul Gandhi has gained M. Phil degree from Trinity College. Akhilesh Yadav has grabbed an engineering degree from the University of Mysore and masters’ degree in Environmental Engineering from Sydney University in Australia. But it is said that Rahul could not have obtained the M. Phil degree because he never completed his masters’ degree. Whatever be the matter, both of them had a new outlook and a quest to implement modernity.


During the election campaign Akhilesh went on a Rath Yathra of 10,000 kilometers and held over 800 rallies in the time period of six months. Rahul Gandhi on his part addressed 211 rallies in a time period of 48 days. In 2007 assembly elections, Samajwadi party won in 97 constituencies and the Congress party in 22 constituencies. In 2012 elections, Samajwadi grabbed a massive victory in 224 seats out of 403 while Congress could get only 28 seats, just six more than the former election. This has put up a new question whether the glamour of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty is slowly fading away. In fact people have become more intelligent in voting without bias. Akhilesh Yadav photos and Akhilesh Yadav videos of his taking oath as the chief minister is creating buzz everywhere.

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