Jawaharlal Nehru And His Achievements


Jawaharlal Nehru belonged to one of the wealthiest families in India and was born in Uttar Pradesh. He took part in the Indian freedom movement. After the independence of India, he became the first Prime Minister of the nation. The reason why his name was inscribed in golden letters in history is that he formulated various social policies for the improvement of the life of people of India. However at the early phase of his tenure he had to face several hardships.


Acceptance of Power


Gandhi handed over the responsibility of the nation with Nehru. However he led the interim government with greater efficiency and tackled the communal protests and violence in the country. He did not like the partition of India and had to agree to it reluctantly. After taking charge he gave his first speech called A Tryst with Destiny.


Nehru and Jinnah


During that time, there were conflicts in various parts of the nation. People thought that there were personal enmity between Nehru and Jinnah and that was the reason for the partition. But Jinnah wanted a country that was decentralized while Nehru opted for a centralized nation. Though there was no proof for this conflict, this could be said as an overview.


His Personal Qualities


Nehru loved roses and he always wanted to decorate his coat with a red rose pinned on it. He also loved children. So his birthday is celebrated as Children’s Day. He had only one daughter named Indira Priyadarshini. Indira helped him a lot by assisting him in his political issues. Especially when he was an ageing man, he turned to his daughter for assistance. He had great confidence in education. He believed that a nation could be developed well only if all the citizens are educated.


Achievements of Jawaharlal Nehru


He won in the 1952 elections and after that he drafted 5 year plan. All the large scale industries came under the control of the government while the private sector was allowed to run the small scale industries. He also encouraged cottage industries. During his tenure many heavy metal and manufacturing units were established. He tackled the two important problems knocking the nation at that time, poverty and unemployed with greater efficiency.


Many social reforms and laws for the same were made under his leadership. He enacted laws to increase the rights and freedom of women. He introduced the reservation system to eradicate social inequality. Jawaharlal Nehru photos were treasured among young school children. Nehru loved children and children too love him. Some rare Jawaharlal Nehru videos are seen in YouTube.

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