Citizenship Of India- A Matter Of Shame Or Pride?


India, the world’s largest democracy and the fastest growing economy, is home to over 1 billion people. It has a very rich and diverse cultural heritage, one of the best and oldest in the world. It is home to several languages, religions, castes, etc. It has been the motherland of great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Subash Chandra Bose. Mahatma Gandhi’s values of non-violence, secularism, equality, zero corruption are the ideal features of a democratic country.


Sanskrit, one of the oldest languages in the world is believed to be the basis of most languages. India is not only a land of diversities but also a land of unity in diversity. Along with these exemplary features there are many disgraceful parts too. Poverty is at an all time high and India is one of the poorest countries in the world. The crime rate in India is said to be one of the highest, especially after the tragic events like 26/11 and the Pune bomb blast.


Corruption in government, private consultation firms and industries is a common thing. India has the unwanted and dubious honor of being ranked among the 50 most corrupt countries in the world. Indians are subjected to extensive racism and prejudice in other developed countries like Australia, UK, etc. People of India find it difficult to obtain Visa to visit some countries. There are so many other negative things like communal riots, sexual inequalities; female foeticide, racial discrimination, cultural prejudice, etc. Even though all these things exist we proudly say India is a land with “unity in diversity”.


The condition of the roads in some parts of the country is so bad that there are more potholes than actual roads. Most parts of Indian villages don’t have access to electricity, water, toilets, etc. If we just consider the negatives we ought to be shameful to be a part of India. But once upon a time our country wasn’t like this. It was steeped in culture and riches. The good parts of India should also be considered too and we should feel proud and hope for change. We shouldn’t just hope but we ought to do something about it.

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