Buddhism is a world faith that has changed the lives of millions of people. It began in Sakya, a small kingdom in northeast India. The founder of Buddhism was a prince, called Siddhartha Gautama, but today he is known simply as the Buddha, a title meaning “The enlightened one”. When he was a young man, Siddhartha began a search for an understanding of suffering. By the end of his life he had become the Buddha, founded the Buddhist faith and already had many followers.

Early Life:

According to tradition, Siddhartha was born while his mother. Maya, was o her way to visit her parents. She died soon afterwards. His father was told that the boy would become either a great ruler or a Buddha. The kind was afraid that Siddhartha would leave the court to become a holy beggar, so confined him to the palace grounds. But eventually he left to search for the true meaning of suffering.


When Siddhartha left the palace, the suffering he saw around him made him decide to become a holy man. He spent six years depriving himself of food and sleep and learning about spiritual matters. Eventually he realized that this made him too weak for deep reflection, so he meditated under a tree. Here he made the breakthrough to an understanding of the truth known as enlightenment.


While Siddhartha was meditation, a demon named Mara sent his beautiful daughters to tempt him from his chosen path. Mara also whipped up a storm and hurled thunderbolts at Siddhartha. But the young man carried on meditation, unmoved. He meditated for a whole night before understanding the truth, which he called Dharma and reaching peace or nirvana in his heart.


After experiencing enlightenment, the Buddha set out to reach others what he had learned. Manu were converted, and the Buddha sent them away as wandering missionaries. Later, the Buddha returned to his father’s court to teach his own people what he had learned. His father was among the first to be converted.

Later life:

When the Buddha was 80 years old, he ate some food that had been accidentally poisoned and died at Kusinagara in India amongst his disciples. Many people came to pay homage to him. His body was cremated and the remaining bones were placed under stone mounds that have since became holy places of pilgrimage for Buddhists

These are some of the important things of Buddha.

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