Life History Of Mother Teresa And Her Achievements


Mother Teresa is a selfless woman saint who lived in the 20th century. She entered the hearts of millions of people through her service. She was born in Macedonia on 26th August 1910 and her birth name was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. Her parents belong to Albanian ethnicity. She had great interest in spiritual activities from her childhood days. It is said that she got the call of God at her age of 12. She made up her mind to serve God and understood that serving humanity is the best way of serving God. She got her training in missionary activities in Dubai and came to India to serve poor people here.


Mother Teresa started her service as a teacher in a school. She settled down at Calcutta and the poverty of the people there compelled her to work for them. She did not have any money to help the poor and the initial help was given by the Divine Providence. She started a school and helped the slum children to get good education. She had to face misfortunes in her career but was never tired of her service. The lack of recognition at the initial stage and the non-availability of funds were the hurdles at that time. However, people could understand her service after some times and helped her to work better.


In four decades of hard work, 517 missions across over 100 countries were established. She helped the poor people to die with dignity. She started a home for the dying people in Calcutta in 1952. The medical attention and love made them to die with happiness. Though the people would have lived like animals they should die like angels. This was her motto when she looked after the lepers and people suffering from other dangerous diseases.


In the year 1953, Missionaries of Charity Brothers and followed by this, in 1976 the Missionaries of Charity Sisters were started. When she was in Rome to meet Pope John Paul II she had a heart attack and health started declining. Again, she had another one in 1989 and so an artificial pacemaker had to be fixed. Then, she was affected by pneumonia during her Mexico tour and this was followed by some heart problems. She thought that she could not head the organization and so wanted to resign but according to the secret poll of the nuns, she continued.


Mother Teresa broke her collar bones in 1996 as she fell down. Her left ventricle malfunctioned and her health was failing her. So she resigned her post of being the head of the Missionaries of Charity on 13th March 1997 and died on 5th September 1997 at her age of 87. Her work was well recognized at the time of her death that the Government of India ordered for the state funeral. Mother Teresa photos and Mother Teresa videos were seen by people with sorrow when she died. She was awarded Nobel Peace Prize and the highest honor of India, Bharat Ratna along with Ramon Magsaysay Award and many other awards and honors. She left behind her missions that are doing her task even now.

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