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Bamboo belongs to grass category and are the tallest among the group. Bamboo has an amazing capability to grow up to 4 feet a day. So, very often they are treated as trees. Bamboos exist in more than 1500 species – from the height of normal grass to trees. Majority of them blossom just before they die; yet a few bamboo plants exist that flower every year according to season.


According to growth strategy bamboo can be categorized to two groups – running and clubbing. Running bamboo spreads and covers an entire area while clumping bamboo grows as groups. In the running bamboo type, roots spread horizontally beneath the soil and sprouts from a new place to grow as a new plant. Thus they are formed from underground rhizomes. In a small time span, that area changes to a ‘bamboo forest’. Clumping bamboo always spread slowly where new plants are formed from roots which grow perpendicularly up. These bamboo types are short and have a little thickness. For these characteristics they own, newly formed plants will find its place very near to the main plant. This type of bamboo is most commonly seen in Kerala near river sides and water bodies.


Its stem is hollow and has a lot of colour shades like grey, black, yellow, greenish yellow and dark green. That may be the reason why bamboo products and furniture are so popular nowadays. Majority of bamboo types blossom only when they have reached the end of life span and die as soon as flowers gone. Though bamboo flowers are small and not attractive, when a bamboo region blossoms fully, it’s a spectacular scene to watch!


Seeds got soon after spring resembles rice in shape and wheat in colour. Bamboo seeds have high medicinal value and are highly nutritious food as well. But these seeds rarely give birth to new plants. Bamboo plants are normally formed from roots.


From ancient time itself, bamboo has a place in kitchen and interior. Bamboo’s hollow stem is used in making many traditional kitchen instruments and now also bamboo furniture and crafts work are popular. I am sure, while you are reading this article you might have thought at least one about the bamboo cane of your teacher and severe punishments you have got! Am I not right?   


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