Asaram Bapu Finally Arrested; Being Interrogated


In a high voltage drama late in the night on Saturday in Indore in Madhya Pradesh, the spiritual guru Asaram Bapu was arrested by the Jodhpur police. Asaram Bapu was wanted in an alleged rape of a 16 year old girl. It was around ten days that the spiritual leader was evading arrest.

Asaram Bapu was taken into custody at around 12:26am – the Sunday morning. The Bapu, it was alleged, was trying every possible way of avoiding being arrested. In these ten days, he is known to have travelled to Indore and Mumbai apart from a couple of other cities probably in a bid to stay away from the law.

His arrest looked eminent as he could not give satisfactory answers to the police in the questioning that lasted for about one hour initially. In between, he had even blamed Congress President Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi of conspiring against him.

In one of the defensive statements, Asaram Bapu had said that he is aged enough not to be able to commit such a crime as rape. However, this could not be a satisfactory reply from him as Bapu himself has spoken about being a ‘man’ on many occasions and has even said that he practices those remedies in these days as well.

It is indeed difficult to believe that such a great saint could have done such a crime as raping a minor. But there are lots of things that make one doubt. If Bapu was indeed innocent, why was he travelling from one place to other (which was probably to avoid arrest), why couldn’t he give satisfactory answers to the questions posed by the police? There are a hundred things that need to be cleared.

However, these are mere doubts and in no way suggest that Asaram Bapu has done the crime. Law will take the course as it is doing now. We can only now hope that the truth prevails and for the betterment of the society, Bapu comes out clean. Spiritual leaders like him have a greater responsibility of guiding the society which he has been doing all these years.

The entire nation is awaiting the developments very eagerly.

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