Advantages And Disadvantages Of Television


Television is a very Interesting and popular medium of Humans. It is an indispensable device in our everyday life. We cannot able to separate this from our life. By watching Television, we can see daily news updates, singing programs, films and many programs. It is our best time passing media. There are considerable advantages are there by watching Television. No one can deny that. Some people used to see the television from morning to evening. 

Advantages of using television

Transmitting information

In the past, it was very, very difficult to transform the information. But nowadays, it is so simple. We can transmit the information through television. Television is the important media to transforming the information. In the past, we have used letters, persons for transforming the information. It takes more time to reach the target destination. But it is too easy. If somebody telecast one program, all in the world can see that. 


We can know all updates by watching television. We can update current affairs, flash news, what is happening throughout the world and all. We can know about the share updates also. It is very useful for getting the updates of share marketing. 

Watching Cricket and Other Games

We can able to watch the cricket and the other game shows by sitting in our home. Cricket lovers are more in the world. So all lovers of cricket can watch the live cricket shows by sitting idly at home. 

Participation in Competitive programs

We can able to participate in programs. Without knowing any information we can't able to participate in any shows. Televisions giving the chance to participate in many programs. A poor person can be rich by participating in programs. 

Improving knowledge

We can improve our knowledge by watching television. This is the fastest way of improving our knowledge.

There are many science related channels are there for all age groups. 

We can see all types of animals by watching discovery channel. 

Every media were containing its good side and as well as bad side also, television also containing its good and bad. No one can disagree with this. 


Don't Allow Children

Avoid children watch the television by their own self. Because they may watch some violent programs and some sex programs also. It will affect the whole life of the children. Some children always used to see child channels like pogo, Chutti tv and etc. It will affect their studies. So watch your child carefully. Parents should supervise the children when the children watching the television. 

Wasting our Precious Time

If we are watching television one hour per day, in a year 365 hours are wasted for watching television. So avoid television if there is no useful information.

Studies will be affected

Always watching television will affect our kids education. So always supervise your children. They will definitely need your guidance in that matter. If you guide them properly, they will study properly. All television programs are not suitable for all age groups. 

Eyesight Problems

By watching television for a very, very long time, will affect our eyesight. So be careful about this, to avoid certain health problems. Frequently watching television will definitely affect our eyes. So give some rest for our eyes and try to watch  the television whenever necessary. 



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