A Few Seasonal Decorations For Your Home Before The Christmas


November – December months, the last season of a year; the season of Diwali and Christmas. This season has a special mood in South India – severe cold and mist at dawns, hot during day time and very often chilled showers of rains in the evenings. Also, as it’s the beginning of a new festival season it gives a beauty touch to its ‘wait’ too. So through this article let me give you a few tips how to decorate your home during November month.


  • Diwali is not popular in South India as it is in North India. Yet people love to decorate their homes with beautiful lights and a few crackers to celebrate. You can choose ‘lighting’ as theme for the whole month of November. To give a Diwali touch to your interior, use yellow fluorescent lamps for doing warm lighting.


  • Why can’t you arrange a dinner in your garden during December, for one or two days as it’s the Christmas season? It is really a nice idea to celebrate this occasion in a new way. You can use light music as back ground and candles or oil lamps as lights for dinner.


  • If you like North Indian style of Diwali celebrations, you can decorate your home that way. Curtains with colour orange, magenta and blue, creative use of curios and golden printed cushions can help you here.


  • In the coffee table of your living room, place a few chocolates wrapped in a colourful parcel to tell everyone commence of Diwali season. The joy of season will be there within a moment or two. Result is a sweet interior!


  • Fold your sheer curtains as it is mist season and use thick or cotton curtains. As it has enough sunshine during day time, you can wash and dry your curtains easily.


  • It’s the time to clean old rugs and carpets too. Place them under sun for a while before use.


  • In Northern districts of Kerala, this season is famous for wind blows too. So, more chances are there for dust inside home. So, cover those highly decorated items to protect them from dust. Place simple items with less work outside; it’s easy to clean too.


  • If there is wind, keep safe your expensive curios, glass and ceramic flower vases. They may break easily.


  • Change bed position of your room to get a fresh look.


  • You can start your Christmas decorations. It’s the time to take the Christmas tree and clean it again.


To get a few more interior decoration tips

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