Daman District

Population: 190,855 (2011)

State: Daman and Diu

Language: Gujarati

Headquarters: Daman


Area: 72 square kilometers

Density of Population: 2651 people per square kilometer

Literacy Rate: 88.06 % - Male: 91.53 %, Female: 81.14 %

Male Female Ratio: 1000:533


Boundaries of Daman District


North, East and South: Valsad District, Gujarat

West: Arabian Sea


Daman District Average Rainfall: 1687 mm

Daman District Average Temperature in Summer: 39 deg C

Daman District Average Temperature in Winter: 11 deg C





Major Rivers: Daman Ganga River

Block: Daman

Parliamentary Constituencies: Daman and Diu


History of Daman District: Daman came under the control of Portuguese in 1531 and it was given to them formally by Gujarat Sultan in 1539. It was added to the Indian Union on 19th December 1961. Then until 1987, it remained a part of Goa. In 1987, it was made as a Union Territory of India.


Daman District Facts: Fishing is the chief occupation of people. The nearby railway station is located at Vapi which is 7 kilometers from here.


What is Daman District Famous For: Portugal Colonial Architecture


Famous People From Daman District: Lalubhai Patel


Daman District Pin Codes

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