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  Ram_Ram On 27 Oct, 2011
No MRP's
In many of the water packets being sold in small shops one cannot find either the MRP or expiry date. That too that is getting packed in plastic which..
Car agency
  Ram_Ram On 27 Oct, 2011
Cabs not proper
The cab agency near the flyover is not providing good service. Had bad time twice with them. Once they provided with bad maintained cab and the second..
  Ram_Ram On 27 Oct, 2011
Tickets getting sold in black
For new films getting released, in the counter they are giving only few tickets and putting the houseful board. But they are selling the tickets in bl..
Auto Fare
  Ram_Ram On 27 Oct, 2011
No fixed auto fares
Auto drivers fix the fare of their own without following the regulated fares. For short distances they are charging huge amount. No measures has been ..
  Ram_Ram On 27 Oct, 2011
No proper parking facility
Some house owners are parking their cars outside their house on the streets. This is causing trouble to other residents. Authority should ensure that ..
Road Maintanance
  Ram_Ram On 27 Oct, 2011
Road not good
The roads should be laid on regular basis. The current condition of the road is really not good and vehicle drivers are facing hectic problem. When it..
Housing Price
  Ram_Ram On 27 Oct, 2011
Price shooting for no reasons
If you see the land value has drastically increased. But if we see the government rate is very less. then how one are selling and purchasing more than..
No proper lights
  Ram_Ram On 27 Oct, 2011
No much street lights
Its fully dark in some of the areas during the night times due to lack of light facility in the street. Need to increase the street lines to ensure th..
Water stagging
  Ram_Ram On 27 Oct, 2011
Water troubling normal life
The water is getting logged in the streets which is one of the main issues all the residents are facing during the rainy season. The drainage system i..
Bus Service
  Ram_Ram On 27 Oct, 2011
Need more frequency
I agree that there are buses from chitlapakkam, but the frequency needs to be increased. Also required buses to various places to connect entire chenn..